Positively Uncomfortable Consulting

We accelerate business growth by creating and operationalising more profitable brands.

Brand affects every way a business makes money. Properly deployed, it’s a force multiplier that produces a flywheel effect within the organisation, and greater impact outside of it.

It is also one of the few weapons a business has to defend the P&L against commoditisation and weave long-term value into the balance sheet. Guided by the contention that brand is a financial construct, our work is led by commercial and sector specialists and informed by academic rigour.  

Success in our role achieves three principal aims:

  1. Increase preference

  2. Strengthen pricing power

  3. Raise margin

To achieve this, we do three things:

1. Strategy

Define a new, more profitable direction for the business and a roadmap to get there.

Value Propositions

Our work sets the stage for change and higher performance. Refreshing existing brands or creating new ones, the work delivers a single-minded value platform and brand strategy framework.

Economics Before Aesthetics

Resources are focused on the economics of segmentation, targeting, positioning and proposition, identifying the source of commercial transformation and how to capitalise it.

Five Phase Model

We work collaboratively across departmental functions, stakeholder groups and the board over five separate workstream on assignments from 3 -18 months.

2. Design

Establish a leadership presence in market for the business, portfolio, and brands.

Strategy Integration

Here work translates the value proposition across all customer, consumer, employee and stakeholder touchpoints. Whether evolution or revolution, the creative expression breathes life into the strategy work to identify the brand’s verbal and visual identity.

Research & Validation

Using a three-phase process we explore, research, test and validate concepts & routes to market, so everything from sonic branding to story-telling leaves a mark.

Brand System

Our design approach builds a new brand world architecture, so it’s understood, navigable and ready to share.

3. Deployment

Operationalise and embed changes across the business, departments and culture.

Education Programmes

We’ll help design, lead and execute transformation & change programmess to ensure everyone internally and externally understands the why, what and how.

Upskilling and Activation

Over 6 to 18 months we’ll work collaboratively to upskill departments, functions and team members using tailored education packages, implication & activation workshops and tutored training.

From Boardroom to Mailroom

We use a 4P’s methodology to energise and activate the new strategy and execution – at all levels – to help the business move as one toward a singular North Star.

Powerful Partnerships

Our way of working raises an organisation’s pulse - it excites teams. A new-found sense of personal ambition is revealed.

“Through brand, NOKAMO can create the connective tissue for any commercial body. ”

James Bowling, CFO, FTSE 100

But change isn’t a straight line. Nor is it for the faint-hearted. Success demands sacrifice, polarising decisions and, most of the time, a hunger to defy conventional wisdom.

“NOKAMO offer a valuable corrective to most consultancies' downright nonsense.”

Professor Robert Jones

And you’ll wobble. So will we. Change is uncomfortable. But we’ll bring Malbec for the big days, plus the pride teams and leaders get from the work and collaboration is incredible.

“I have been thoroughly impressed by their unwavering commitment to enhancing the value of the Phonak brand.”

Patrick Creydt, Senior Director, Sonova AG

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