Positively Uncomfortable Consulting

Companies don’t have creative problems; they have commercial ones. Issues reside in product, pricing, distribution, innovation, or sales and have nothing to do with styling.

Beautiful branding never solved anything.

With a working definition for brand that barely goes beyond logos and fluff, it’s no wonder the board has dropped it from their agenda.

We believe brand is separate to branding. Strategically more material; operationally more complex; capable of bringing the business together behind one singular aim.

Dislocating it from corporate functions has led to strategic tactification, meaningless internal engagement and camouflaged communications, all of which erode growth and reduce margin.

Brand should be the organisation’s economic flywheel; a force multiplier affecting every way it makes money. The only defence the P&L - and the culture - has against commoditization.

It sits beyond marketing's remit.

Our mission is to get brand back in the boardroom. Proving it has the power to transform business inside and out. Increasing preference, strengthening pricing power, growing enterprise value.

With a mix of skills and scar tissue, we refresh old brands or create new ones. Brands that’ll gap the market and generate higher EBIT.

The journey isn’t always comfortable - strategy rarely is. But unlocking a brand’s commercial power means sacrifice, polarising decisions and stepping away from the fluff.